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Committee Meetings

The Area 15 Comprehensive Planning Network is comprised of several committees that address the needs of people  living with HIV/AIDS and the local community. Read below to discover which of the committees are a good fit for you!

Committee Meetings: Programs
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Area 15 CPN Full Consortia

This committee serves as the HIV/AIDS prevention and patient care planning body. The CPN meets every other month with members to provide local and state updates. Committees report on their activities and recommendations. 

Meets Every 4th Tuesday every 2 months 


Membership & Public Relations Committee

This committee is tasked with  developing a recruitment plan, recruiting new members, training new and existing members of the network, monitoring membership attendance, and educating the community at large about the work of the organization.

Meets Every 2nd Thursday of each Month


Evaluation/Quality Assurance Committee

The EQA committee helps with establishing service delivery guidelines for Ryan White Part B funding and developing & reviewing QA reports that assess the quality assurance aspects of the HIV/AIDS service delivery system in the Treasure Coast.

Meets Every 2nd Thursday of each Month


Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is responsible for the development and oversight of the HIV/AIDS Integrated Plan and the Needs Assessment for the Treasure Coast. 

Meets Every 3rd Monday of each Month


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of Prevention & Patient Care Co-Chairs and Committee Chairs of the CPN. The duties and responsibilities of the Executive Committee include, but are not limited to, oversight of implementation of CPN, local, state policy or agenda actions established by committees. 


Meets Every 4th Tuesday every 2 months 


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